inspiring the extraordinary
You are already extraordinary. My work – and joy – is to help you discover the extraordinary inside yourself, and to inspire you to let it shine.

"Brett is an absolutely brilliant facilitator and business coach. He coached our team in discovering how we could best join together to co-create the successful future of our Company. Brett helped us break through some old, safe patterns that we had developed that were preventing us from moving forward, both at a personal and team level. My favourite coaching phrase from Brett is “that’s an interesting story, and I don’t believe it!”"

- Janie Moore, Co-President, Saje Natural Wellness

"As a result of Brett’s coaching I now have a completely different attitude about my business. My stress has completely dissolved along with my slavery to lists. I’ve tapped into an unlimited source of energy and enthusiasm, and what’s more, I’m reaching my goals effortlessly. Instead of feeling exhausted, I wake up feeling excited in the knowledge that I’m moving closer to my vision for the business. It truly has been a remarkable transformation.

If you have personal or business goals, and are interested in achieving them with ease instead of with long, hard work, I highly recommend coaching with Brett. You won’t be disappointed."

- Abby Palmer, Owner/Founder, The Gardening Circle

"Brett has been fabulous at helping me get back 'on purpose' and has helped me find myself again so that I can show up in the world as the me I want to be."

- Michele W

"Your coaching, especially your reminders about making more significant commitments and then focusing on keeping them, has been invaluable in helping me change my life. I have more energy, I am happier and more motivated, I’m accomplishing my goals related to my business, and I feel great about acting more in alignment with my core values. Anyone could benefit from the care and attention that you give to people and your great listening and coaching skills. Thanks Brett!"

- Peter Slobin, Business Owner

"Brett has a rare talent to truly and deeply listen, which allows him to help me uncover blind spots that I would never have spotted on my own. He is also a master strategist ... his linear left brain can map out an action plan in a heartbeat, while his right brain visualizes brilliant creative solutions. Confusion transforms to clarity almost instantly. It's an extraordinary results-oriented combination. But what places him in a class of his own, in my humble opinion, is that I have never felt so profoundly heard as I do with Brett. What a gift."

- Christine Awram, Founder, The Woman Of Worth (WOW) Conference

"I found Brett to be a most intuitive and insightful coach. Regardless of the situation, challenge or negotiation I brought to the session, Brett was unwavering in his commitment to deliver a concrete plan and complete with an action that felt both easy and inspired. If you are looking for a coach whose focus and attention can be felt at every level of your being, then calling Brett is a great first step."

- Beth Hanishewski, Coach, Writer, Speaker

"In a world of Life Coaches of whom I have been skeptical, I was guided to see Brett Lloyd and have recently had a session with him. The results were remarkable. His methodology is so compassionate, gentle and wise. I felt comfortable and safe as I 'journeyed' thru my 'stuff' toward my goal. Brett was able to gently guide me down a pathway to completeness all the while leading with his soothing voice until I came through. He also stayed with me firmly, not letting me go, so to speak, until I reached that 'aahhaa' moment. I am grateful to have his wisdom in my world."

- Rachel C., White Rock

Brett W. Lloyd
Certified Professional Coach & Leadership Trainer



Brett W. Lloyd is a Professional Coach & Leadership Trainer. His passion is to assist people (entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and private individuals) to dis cov er their purpose, do what they love, and achieve their dreams through increased aware ness, clear communications and masterful action. This, along with facilitating per for m ance improvement and increased effectiveness for teams and organizations, is his mission.

Brett is an excellent communicator (clear, direct, articulate), a good listener with strong intuition, and a calming presence amid chaos. He uses his wisdom and knowledge, gained through a broad range of education and experiences, to help people find clarity and see events and situations, as well as themselves and others, with new perspectives. He is also a skilled leader, organizer and change agent. He has assisted organizations with governance, shareholders’ agreements, organizational structure, strategy, business planning, systems (including mission support and administration) and human resources.

Brett has co-ordinated and co-facilitated Performing and Learning in RealTime workshops for leadership and organizational development (a workshop to develop leaderships skills in fast-changing environments). He has co-facilitated and coached at Clear Leadership workshops in major British Columbia health care organiza tions. Both of these workshops are intense experiential learning processes.

Brett has managed numerous organizations, in Canada and the United Kingdom, in positions such as Managing Director, Executive Director, President and CEO. He has completed success ful financial turnarounds, developed and significantly grown near-start-up businesses, fac il itated the sale and purchase of businesses, written technical reports, and hired and de vel op ed managers. He has also been a corporate director, as well as a director of a large retail co-operative.

Brett has worked in, and consulted to, organizations in a wide variety of industries, including telecommunications, hospitality and tourism, forestry, engineering, corporate and special event production, health care, environmental consulting and outdoor recreation. He has worked in organizations involved in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, services and the arts.

Brett is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and has completed “Coaching Forward – Life Coaching” and “The Art & Science of Coaching”, an International Coach Federation accredited Erickson College program at the Justice Institute of BC - Centre for Conflict Resolution. He is also an Applied Science Technologist (Industrial), has a Diploma of Technology in Oper ations Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology and has studied in the Simon Fraser University Executive MBA Program.

Brett is a member of the International Coach Federation and CoachVille. He is a Certified Facilitator for Clear Leadership seminars. He has recently been a teaching assistant and group facilitator for the Team Skills course (focusing on small group dynamics) in the Simon Fraser University MBA program.

Brett’s interest in psychology, philosophy, personal growth and Buddhist principles contribute to his ability to help his clients achieve success. Finally, he leaves you with this poignant quote from Goethe:

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.